Chiropractic: Changed my Pregnancy and Birth
I came into the office when Dr. Horne first opened.  I read an educational advertisement that was in the newspaper.   I had terrible back pain and headaches at this time.  Now, my life has changed!  I am no longer on Vicodin, I am able to touch my toes again, and I am able to play with my kids!! Also, I was able to quit smoking last November, and I contribute that to principled chiropractic.  When I had my first son, that’s when all my problems in my back started.  My second son had to be taken out via C-section because of the problems from my first pregnancy.  The medical doctors actually told me I could not give birth naturally after having a C-section.  Well, I am glad to say with the help of my loving partner, Mike, and having Sarah Horne in the room to help coach, I was able to give birth to a healthy 6 pound 5 ounce baby boy… completely natural!  No drugs, no C-section! 



Today is my 4 month anniversary of chiropractic care with Dr. Horne and staff. When I first walked into his office on November 13, 2008 it was more of a creep than a walk. I could hardly move. Getting in and out of the car was so painful. Putting on my clothes was so painful.  The pain in my back (mostly lower) was excruciating as it traveled down my hips and into my legs. That night while sitting in his office I was listening to his program and Dr. Horne’s detailed information.   His care was amazing! I tried to hold back the tears because I was in so much pain.  I wasn’t sure if I could sit through the whole class.  Knowing I was finally going to get some relief, I had tears of joy come to my eyes. I knew from that moment on that there was something special something different about Dr. Horne. Through his “God healing hands,” now I can do just about anything I want to do! I am even considering adding Tae Kwan Do to my list!
Dr. Horne is my miracle worker. I truly believe God has given him the gift to heal. He is truly a kind, caring angel from above. He has touched so many lives with his healing hands and for that I am truly grateful and will always spread his message to everyone I meet.
Before his care I couldn’t pick up a shirt or a sock off the floor fearful I wouldn’t get back up. I couldn’t stand on my feet long enough to make simple meals for my family. Stepping over the side of the bathtub to shower was painful as you all will know. I would have my hands on to the walls so I wouldn’t fall. Life was so hard in every direction, everything I did.
I had suffered a bad fall in 2001, severe injury to my ankle which included a steel rod and screws, plus my knee suffered too. A car accident a few years later resulted in whiplash injuries just added to everything else.  My body was traumatized. The vehicle was a big bread truck going 45 mph didn’t see me stopping for a yellow light and plowed through my truck. Car totaled but I survived with the after effects ever since.
My knee, arm, and back are so much better now, thanks to Dr. Horne!
I know there are many stories out there that are worse than mine, but I really feel the need to explain my happy story from the years of unnecessary pain that I’ve endured, until now.  I am a healthier, more vibrant person and it’s all due to Dr. Horne. You can feel great again too! Open your heart and let the fears fall out and trust in Dr. Horne. You won’t be sorry.
He is my healing angel. Just believe! 

How important is an educated decision?

Well, I first heard about the office from Sarah.  She was carrying Owen in a baby sling while grocery shopping and I loved the idea, so I stopped her to ask where I could get one.  She had said they would be making some similar and selling them at the office, so I immediately called to see if I could purchase one, since my baby was 4 months old, it was ideal, I not only received my best birthday gift that year but I also became a member. 
My son Joshua had received his first set of shots at 2 months old like normal, well, it was anything BUT normal, a short time after his immunizations, he started to what I thought was “startle” himself. Since he was what doctors called” premature”, born at 35 weeks, everything I had read said that it was normal to do such a thing due to a premature nervous system.  Well, it was to a point that I would literally hold him tight to me so that visitors would not notice him, “Jerking.” It progressively had gotten worse, 
At 3 months old my husband and I woke up to him having a full blown seizure,  He was four months old when I had the information given to me by Dr. Horne in regards to the danger of immunizations, seizures being one of the top side effects along with Autism, many others and even  death. (Remember the Raggedy Ann story)  It was then he had his second seizure, being a member here I knew how powerful an adjustment to the atlas could be, so instead of giving my son drugs to bring his fever down, an adjustment was all he had needed, so I had brought him into the office with a temperature of 104 degrees, Dr. had adjusted him and by the time we hit the Wal-Mart parking lot, his temperature had broke.  He only had one more seizure since I stated getting him regular adjustments; he is 3 years old now, healthy and completely seizure free.
I am so thankful for receiving all of the education here at the office, in my case especially on immunizations, because with it I was able to make an informed, educated decision on immunizations that I believe saved my sons life.     


I grew up in the Tawas area but now reside in Ft. Worth, Texas.  Last December I suffered a massive heart attack and a stroke.  My cardiologist says I am a miracle.  They had to do surgery in the emergency room because it was too risky to move me.  I figured that the good Lord was not ready for me and here I am.  I have a lot of pain throughout my body.  I still have some paralysis on my right side.  It was very painful for me to use my right arm, even to lift it straight out from the body.  I came home recently to visit my twin sister and she was kind enough to bring me in to see Dr. Horne.  I was here a week and in that time, I saw Dr. Horne three times for specific scientific chiropractic adjustments.  I am amazed that after those few visits I was able to lift my arm up and over my head with no or little pain. I was very happy for some relief. I will be returning for another visit with my family in November and I am looking forward to seeing Dr. Horne again.




My husband started going to Dr Horne over a year ago.  After witnessing the results he was receiving from his adjustments, I was curious about the possibilities it could hold for me.
I had always been interested in chiropractic care but my “fear” kept me away. 
As I continued to see the positive side of chiropractic through my husbands’ visits with Dr. Horne, I decided it was time to educate myself.  I attended Dr. Horne’s health talk (as did my husband) & read any & all articles about chiropractic health that I could get my hands on. 
I believe I visited every web site available on chiropractic care!!  The more I read the more interesting chiropractic got and my fear vanished.  I decided to make an appointment & after my first adjustment I wondered why I had feared it so much!!  I have been going for adjustments on a regular basis for 6 months now & will continue with chiropractic care.
It’s made a huge difference for my husband and I.  We feel more energized and less stressed.  Don’t let “FEAR” keep you from seeking chiropractic care.

-Karen B.

P.S. Many thanks to Dr. Horne’s wife, Sarah, who talked with me about chiropractic & to Dr. Horne for taking the time to discuss chiropractic care with me on a one to one basis, I will ALWAYS be GREATFUL!! 
And to my husband who kept “urging” me to “make that appointment”!!
I can’t thank you all enough!!


Ever since I could remember, I had arrhythmia of the heart. I loved running and I ran track in high school. At one point I held the record for the fastest 100 yard dash. My heart would always race and then would stop. I was always scared it would do that while driving and I would cause an accident. All these years no body knew what to do for it. I am now 87 years old now and still drive, and my heart rhythm is normal!!!. I am not restricted in anything I do.  All thanks to the chiropractic adjustments that I receive from Dr. Horne.

-K. Nagy

And I Love It!

I became a member of Life Family Chiropractic in June 2009. I had some low back spasms and my neighbor suggested I pay a visit to Dr. Horne and his staff.  I made an appointment soon after. After a few specific scientific chiropractic adjustments, I felt my power was turned on! I a few months I have only had a few back Spasms. The more amazing thing that happened is my hearing has improved. I have had my hearing aids adjusted down twice since June! Now I only wear the aids part time! Chiropractic has changed my life in so many different ways. I enjoy things now, I can sit and play cards longer and I’ve also added swimming twice a week to my life and I LOVE IT! Everyone at Life Family Chiropractic are so kind and the adjustments are painless and help you do activities of daily living better! At 76 years young I want to stay self-sufficient as long as possible and thanks to chiropractic I CAN!


Obtaining Good Health: Physically and Emotionally

I became a member at Life Family Chiropractic in December 2008.  I was referred by my physical therapist.  At this point in my life, I was receiving steroid injections every four months and eventually they became ineffective in relieving my pain.  I got tired of the steroids and had thoughts of “Why am I going for these shots?”  With principled Chiropractic, the pain gradually diminished within 3 to 6 months.  Prior to my adjustments, I was hunched over with pain.  I was unable to move my neck backward and I also had stomach and abdomen pain.  Principled Chiropractic has changed my life!  With the pain gone, I can turn my head from side to side, my chair posture has improved and I am able to function and participate in social settings.  I am now the president of the resident council where I reside at Tawas TenderCare.  I want everyone to know that the office staff is very friendly and personable.  When my appointments are made, I am seen without a long wait.  The office staff makes sure that I am picked up in their comfortable shuttle and brought back to the facility in a timely manner.  Dr. Horne is a friendly and reliable doctor.  He answers all of my questions.  I also enjoy my private moments with Dr. Horne.  He will close the door and I feel relaxed enough to discuss my pain.  He gives me a box of tissues and a shoulder to cry on.  He respects my opinions, thoughts, and my goals for the future.  He is also a good emotional coach.  He encourages me not to give up on myself or my goals.  I appreciate Dr. Horne and his staff for assisting me in obtaining good health: both physically and emotionally.

In November 2006 I walked into the doors of Life Family Chiropractic. Chiropractic has helped me in so many ways. From my migraine headaches, to my hips and my overall health. With chiropractic I proudly can say that I have not been to a medical doctor in the last 3 years. So through specific scientific chiropractic adjustments my immune system is so much stronger so I let my body heal itself from above, down, inside and out!  Dr. Horne moves the bone and God does the healing.


“It’s A Miracle”

I have had sinus trouble for at least 5 years.  It was so severe where I couldn’t breathe at all. I had seen Ear, Nose and Throat doctors. I’ve tried every kind of medicine out there and nothing worked- until I found chiropractic. Thanks to Dr. Horne, my sinuses, and my hearing have greatly improved! It’s a miracle!

-Phyllis G.

“Praise God”

My problems probably started way back when I was a very young child. I had to take two cows up and down the roads so they could eat. That was hard for a young child. I did it for many years, until my mother passed away when I was 14 years old. From that time I had two young sisters and a dad to care for, no extra help.
I got married when I was 18 and within 6 ½ years had six babies. I don’t really remember when all my problems started probably while working in the woods with my husband.
So here I am. I am a very thankful person.  My headaches have gone and the back pain not so bad anymore. I never could sleep on either of my sides but I sure can now!  Even my legs feel better now. I only have one kidney, but guess what, the right one is working better!
I can only say Praise God for Dr. Horne! He always knows what needs to be done.
As for my husband, his is walking more with is walker or no help at all.

God Bless you all!
-The R. Family

“Easter Healing”

Friday, April 10th 2009
I would like to tell everyone that reads this to have patience if you are under Dr. Horne’s care. I am a very impatient person. I want results now. I can’t take the time to wait. I am on a super charged lifestyle and I like it like that. The busier I am the happier I am.
When I began to have lower back problems and could not walk without pain, I began to take my visits with Dr. Horne a little more seriously than I did in the beginning.
Today after two weeks of no improvement and really getting discouraged I still went in for my adjustment, which I felt was probably my last because I could not find any reason to keep coming.
Then WOW I walked to the car and told my husband. “The pain is gone!” He was as happy as I was because he had witnessed my agony and was getting concerned. Just to make sure this “miracle” really happened, we walked around Wal-mart for a while to test it. Still no pain. It has been over 8 hours and still no pain. I felt great today and hope tomorrow is even better. I learnt one thing about chiropractic today. It takes time. BUT IT WORKS!!

Thank you Dr. Horne Thanks for the Easter Healing!!

“Your body will heal itself from the inside out!”

Many years ago, while I was in the army, I injured my back. At the time, the doctors told me I would never be able to walk again. I felt like my world had just ended. I prayed, cried, and prayed some more.
A nurse came in and told me about a friend of hers that was a chiropractor. Not knowing anything about it I asked what it was all about. I got interested and this chiropractor actually came to my hospital room. After talking at great length with me, he told me that I had a couple of serious subluxations that he would work on. One day after an adjustment I felt a strange feeling in my legs. That was when the dark curtain of depression lifted. I knew that I was going to be okay. Needless to say, my doctors were amazed. Not only did I begin to walk, but as time went on, I started running. I had my life back. The military was ready to give me a medical discharge and had it not been for that nurse, I would be a pity party of one.
Now, years later I have finally found a chiropractor that has the same goals and beliefs as that chiropractor 30 years ago had- your body will heal itself from the inside out if your spine is aligned so that there is no interference.
Dr Horne is a God sent person that cares about you. He will pray with you and for you; if that is your wish. I know- he has prayed with me! He will educate you and help you to heal. He has done so with me. But most importantly he will be your friend. Thanks to Dr. Horne, My life is mine again!

-Scott E.

“I finally had the spring in my step back!”

I’ve never had any “pain” or problems, I always used chiropractic for wellness. I knew if I wanted my body to be always functioning at its fullest potential, chiropractic was the way to go! I’ve never been the type of person to take medications or antibiotics; I just let my immune system do its job.  Recently my body began to express health. I had a fever, a headache, tired but could not sleep, and I had no appetite. I just was not my self. I came into the office to receive a specific scientific chiropractic adjustment. I than drove back to my house, laid in bed, and fell asleep (after several sleepless nights). A few hours later I woke up, my fever was gone! I was feeling strong enough to eat a real meal. My head was no longer pounding. I finally had the spring in my step back! And it was all thanks to Dr. Horne and Chiropractic!


Symptoms Come Last

At three years old I quit breathing, my parents took me to a small town doctor. The doctor told my parents that I was born with asthma. He also said I would grow out of it but it would most likely come back. I did “grow out of it” when I was 14, but than it came back in my 30’s. The doctors put me on inhalers and steroids at the age of 30! I am now 45 and I have been coming into Life Family Chiropractic for 3 months and I am proud to say I am off all of my asthma meds that I’ve been on for around 15 years!
Thank you so much Dr. Horne!

So Refreshing and Rare to Find!

Several people at my church were talking about this amazing chiropractor.  I seen the ads in the paper and finally I seen the Life Family Chiropractic bus.  I wanted to feel better and live a healthier lifestyle.  I have had several bouts of chest pains throughout the past couple of years. I had x-rays, echo cardiograms, a stress test and nothing was showing up on these tests.  I have a great deal of family with heart related issues… including a sister who passed away at the age of 48.  So I was concerned.  I decided to try chiropractic and Dr. Horne.  I attended a ladies retreat through my church and received a word from the Lord there! My chest pains are gone!  I believe the Lord has healed whatever the problem was through specific scientific chiropractic.  Two weeks ago I underwent a heart catheterization - there were no blockages and the doctor said my heart is working perfect- Praise God!  Dr Horne and his staff are very caring and committed to their member’s well being –physically and spiritually.  In this day that is so refreshing and rare to find!



I became a member three years ago after my brother told me that our friend (Dr. Horne) had the new Chiropractic office in Tawas.   It was one of the best decisions that I have ever made.  At that time, I was driving by there every day.  I was tired of being sore all the time with neck and back pain.  So one day, I stopped into the office to get some relief from my pain.  Chiropractic has helped me in many ways, not just for relief from the pain. 
Overall, I am healthier because of the adjustments I receive.  For example, I don’t get “colds” as often.  In order to understand why this is so great, you need to know where it started: I was 10 or 11 and my family and I were getting wood, I fell off the back of the truck and my dad accidentally backed over my knees.  As I grew up, arthritis developed, and the pain was severe!   My neck and back are not sore all the time anymore, as they once were.  My outlook on health and life has improved after receiving principled chiropractic care.  It is all because of the great education I received through Dr. Horne.  The staff at Life Family Chiropractic is the best!  You always are greeted with such warm smiles and friendly conversation.  It always makes you feel like you belong.  Not only is Dr. Horne one of the top rated Chiropractors in the world, he always treat everyone as his family. 
Most recently Dr. Horne has helped me with my foot.  Two months ago, I was helping some friends move and I hurt my foot in the process.  My foot was swollen, it hurt so bad the pain went up to my knee, and I could barely walk.  It hurt so bad that I thought my foot was broken.  Dr. Horne took x-rays and showed me that the foot was not broken, but the bones were out of alignment.  It was like having a weight lifted off my shoulders; knowing that it could be fixed without harmful and expensive drugs or surgery gave me peace of mind.  After the first adjustment, I could immediately notice a reduction in the pain level.  The next day the swelling was reduced too.  After about three to four weeks of specific adjustments on my foot, the pain and swelling were totally gone!
Thank you, Dr. Horne and your wonderful staff at L.F.C. for the amazing service you provide, you guys are the best, and I love all of you!


When I first came to Dr. Horne I had just given birth to my fourth child. I weighted 275lbs and I was stuck on the couch due to all my aches and pains. I had been that way since a fall during the last pregnancy almost two years prior. I didn’t want to go to any medical doctor just to be put on pain medication again and I was breastfeeding anyway. A friend suggested I try going to Dr. Horne to see if it might help. She raved about her own results. I have seen chiropractors in the past when it hurt so bad I couldn’t even turn my neck to safely drive to my appointments. I would have loved to keep going but financially it was impossible. My friend gave me Dr. Horne’s card and said he would work with my financial needs. I knew I had to do something. I knew I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life this way.
The day of my first actual adjustment, I was not hurting too much when I came in. Immediately afterward it was as if my mind and body had just been awakened. That is the best explanation I can come up with. There was definitely something different about being adjusted by this doctor.

Now that I could finally move I was encouraged to exercise. Four months later I realized that my lower back which had been completely shot since my fall, that I could be stretch easier wasn’t causing me any real problems anymore. I still can’t lean back from a sitting position onto my tailbone to work on my core, but I am okay with that. I just had to learn other ways to target it.
My other main problem was unbelievable pain in my shoulder and neck area. I had been to many medical doctors and other chiropractors over the past ten years, none of which had done me any good. Once I start coming here the pain kept decreasing but I to do mention this to Dr. Horne and with a few different adjustments, in one single visit; he was able to find the source. I didn’t realized until later day that it seemed to be where the majority of the pain had been coming from all along. Later I was amazed how one I knew where it was coming from I could feel exactly where the interference was with just a little stretch. As time went by I could communicate this with Dr. Horne so we could almost target it perfectly. I say this because sometimes once I stand up or go to get in the car to leave I can feel where we might have missed and I  don’t want to bother him any further, even though I know he wouldn’t  mind.
But let’s get to the even more amazing part of Dr. Horne’s practice the underlying Christian element that drives everything this man is accomplishing in his patients.
In the beginning he was a reminder of overall health and encouraged me to start exercising again. My body was finally feeling better but something was still missing. I came to the realization I was seriously depressed and asked my OB for medication thinking I had baby blues or something. For the first time ever I felt that I need to take one of the long “breaks” from my four children I always hear other parents are taking. I dropped my kids off with my mother and sat in a motel room alone with my bible for a whole weekend. During which time, as you may have already guessed, I realized that true problem was that I had fallen too far from my Lord and Savior. Since I had been married I had started concentrating on being the best wife and mother I could possibly be and in turn I had lost my focus on my relationship with Christ. Five years later I got to see first hand what impact that has on a Christian walk even though I swore it would never happen to me.
By the end of the weekend I had rededicated my life fully to Christ again, including setting two big goals for myself. The first was to finally read my whole bible thoroughly in a year and the other was to lose 150lbs. Six months later I am two weeks ahead of scheduled reading and have worked off almost 60 lbs. I feel I am healthier in mind and body that I have ever been. Even if I do have to get up at 2am to do all this, the Lord has provided the energy I need each day to keep it up. These past few years I had wanted to work out and wanted to read my bible but I could never quite find the time. All I had to do was get my butt out of bed before the day and all the demands of mommy’s time could interrupt my focus. The result was that all the people who needed me got a better; less stressed me to deal with instead of the crazy lady I had become. My home is a much happier place to live. My children are more active and better behaved.  Less stress means more patience to discipline and center it on Godly principles.
I guess all that is left to say is “Thank God for Dr. Horne”. I can not thank him enough for his encouragement through all of these life changes I have begun. My life is forever changed because of him and the work God is doing through him. There is very real reason our bible tells us to fellowship with other Christians. When we spend time with our brothers and sisters in Christ we life each other up. We are given the opportunity to share in each other lives, burdens and blessings. This is exactly what I feel Dr. Horne has done for me. I pray all of you will allow him to do the same. He is an amazing Christian man who helps the lord created even more wonderful Christians to join or family. I encourage you all to take the business cards given to you today and make a true effort to give them to those in need. You never whose life you may have the honor of improving physically eternally.

May God Bless you all!


In May 2009, my wife brought me to the office with her.  I had severe back pain.  Strengthening my back has made it possible for me to look to my left and right.  I have less pain, and an expanded range of motion.  Principled Chiropractic has made me more thoughtful and changed my attitude, from the inside-out!  I tell others about Dr. Horne and his staff every opportunity I have.  I feel that I am a “walking miracle” today.  In June of 2009, after a very serious fall, I was hospitalized with two broken blood vessels in my brain.  I had muscle weakness and my mind was not very clear.  After I was released from the hospital, I returned to chiropractic care and Dr. Horne.  At this time, my wife was reading a book about medical health and read an article about brain plate adjustment which we mentioned to Dr. Horne.  He then made a specific adjustment to my head.  I’m healthier now than I was a year ago.  My thinking has cleared and my health is balanced.  Thank you God and Dr. Horne!


A red spot appeared on Gabriel’s neck around Christmas time. It started quite small but quickly grew. His doctor diagnosed it as a “pyogenic granuloma” and prescribed a cream, which did nothing. A few days later, he picked at it as 3 year olds will do. It started to bleed…. And bleed…. And bleed…. A trip to the ER later, the bleeding slowed down. A couple days later his pediatrician tried to freeze it off, which did nothing but hurt a lot and make it worse. For about 2 weeks it continued to “weep”. We were going through about 3 band aids a day! We had an appointment scheduled for a surgeon, but the Friday before the appointment, the granuloma fell off. By the time the appointment came there was hardly a trace of granuloma. The surgeon told use not worry about it. Our pediatrician assured us they don’t “go away” without surgery.

However, Thanks to chiropractic and Dr. Horne we know otherwise! We have our proof… Our miracle!

-Daniel and Laura Zarzycki

Dr. Moves The Bone, God Does the Healing

Dear Dr. Brian Horne
I just want you to know that I thank you for all that you have done.  I went for a long wonderful walk this weekend and discovered some things about myself that were awesome, and God is so good to have allowed you in my life.
For he has truly blessed you with the gift of healing, and the light that has passed from your hands to others is incredible.. I am straighter and my legs are the same length now and they do not turn out as they once did to cause pain, and missteps that they used to.  I also have no pain left in my neck.  It is with Gods power and your hands gifted with healing that I am able to praise him and thank you for allowing me to.



I have Fibromyalgia, I live with pain.
One day I was in such severe pain, my skin even  hurt to the point where clothes were painful.
I came into the office to see Dr Horne; he did an adjustment on me.
Once I left the building, by the time I got to the light at M55 and 5th ave. I could feel that the sensitivity in my skin leaving and the pain in my neck was also getting better.
I get several newsletters on Fibromyalgia and am seeing more and more places doing studies that are telling people how important chiropractic care is for Fibromyalgia sufferers.
When I get a pain flair, I know that all I have to do is come in to see Dr. Horne and get my adjustment.
Thanks to chiropractic I now take less medication for the pain!



Rome wasn’t built in a day

In June ’07, my husband Bob had an appt with the new chiropractor in town.  At this point Bob could hardly walk, couldn’t bend over or put his shoes or socks.  He had been going to another chiropractor, but this time the adjustment didn’t work.  A friend of his at work said,” try the new guy, he sure helped me.”  So he did.  We got to the office; Dr. Horne checked him out and ordered x-rays, which he had never had before.  Dr. spoke of lot’s of problems with degeneration of the spinal discs and of the vertebra, he told him,”will get you back in shape.”  It won’t be over night, but we will fix it.  I can’t make it go away, but with adjustments, I can take out any interference you may have so your nervous system can do it’s job.
He said to me,” Get on the table, this adjustment is on me.”  And then he said,” Have you ever been to see a chiropractor before.” I said,” yes, 3 days ago, for stiffness in my neck due to stress, but it’s still there.” After the adjustment it was gone!  We both started coming three days a week, and through this time we talked about other problems we had, I told him that 6 years ago I had been diagnosed with BPV, benign positional vertigo, which is massive dizziness, I couldn’t lay on my left side for 6 years, I couldn’t lean to the left or look up, or the spin was unbearable.
Bob is tall and to kiss him goodbye, I had to go up 2 steps so that I didn’t have to look up! 
Today, six months later, my BPV is GONE!!!! Bob hasn’t had any problems to speak of, and we will continue to see Dr. Horne.  I have said to him, “Bless your heart for what you have done for us,” he says,” Don’t thank me, thank God, I am only his instrument.”

Many Thanks,